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#149649 - ‘3 months stuck in the apartment! I can’t believe it’ I said to Zak, ‘and all because of some drunk driver’. Clicking on one of the unlit boxes I saw the empty apartment on the second floor right below mine, holding my breath I clicked the last unlit box to see an image of every room in my apartment and there sitting on the sofa was me looking at my laptop! I glanced up to where I now knew the camera was but still couldn’t see anything, vowing to myself as soon as I could I was going to find each camera and fix it so they wouldn’t work. Not expecting it I click over to the older woman to find her in one of the bedrooms, a man is with her and she’s stripping for him, down to her underwear now I realise I was wrong to dismiss her, she has a body to match either of the other two women I’d seen tonight.

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Sakura shinguji
Que delicia de peitos quero mamar
Chikane himemiya
She is gorgeous