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#66787 -  I got to my old elementry school I walked around it once and sat on the big play structur yet again thinking, I checked the time it was 10:51pm I lay down looking at the stars I remember my mom and I used to count them together just her and I but that was a long time ago I started to count smiling to myself just for old times sake, I got to twenty six when I saw something out of the corner of my eye I sat up and saw a person running, a girl then another figur that looked like a man; he quickly out ran her and grabbed her arm I jumped down walking toward them they hadn't seen me yet and for all I know they could be playing a game but or they could be trying to kill each other you never know. I do not feel like going to school  I opens the freezer grabing two eggo waffles and throwing them in the toaster as I grabed a plate a knife and some peanut butter setting it on the counter thinking about math class. what are you doing? she asked  grabbing flashlights  can

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Awesome now who wants to be my step brother lol