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#252667 - Kular looks a Bobby and says If you do make this a perfect world free of evil then all this killing would make you the only evil person left Bobby says I know, I knew that the moment I wrote the first name in this Death Note but somebody has to do it, everyone goes through life pretending like nothing bad will ever happen to them but when it does they ask why, it's because this world is rotten filled with rotten people, somebody has to stand up to the bullies. Kular tells Melanie about the power she would gain from the deal and the price she would have to pay, not wanting to die she accepts the deal. She writes all the details followed by their names and after several days all 5 women meet up at a Montreal Hotel where one of them opens her laptop and begins recording as all 5 women strip completely naked and they all pull out huge strap on dildos from their purses and after putting them on they start sucking, licking, fingering and fucking eachother for hours.

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