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#149244 - They lay there feeling each other’s warmth and pleasure, she gently rolled him off her his cock popping free of her pussy with a pleasing slurping sound. Carrie collapsed onto her bed, unable to stop herself thinking again about the question she had to ask Evian. Carrie slumped back against the bed feeling exhilarated, Jimmy slid around next to her, ‘guess no-one has fucked you like that before then?’ he said with a grin on his face ‘no, that, that was amazing’ she gasped ‘do you want me to, you know … suck it’ as she said it she glanced down seeing his erect cock lolling against his stomach a little pre-cum glistening on the tip.

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Hacka doll no.2
Great work can you show the cum awesome
I love her soft moaning